Gambling in UK casinos

For some months, sports betting provider Mr Green has also been offering jackpot bets. Meanwhile, there are several bets with a prize pool of up to 1 million euros. What there is to pay attention to, I would like to briefly show in the following article.

Although slots games is’s most important topic, I’d like to introduce Mr Green’s relatively new Jackpot bets, even if they’ve been around for a while now.

The bookmaker offers the sports bets with jackpot in cooperation with the English Colossusbets Limited. Basketball, football sometimes tennis are affected – the prices are depending on the use and difficulty of each tips together. In some cases, prize money of up to 1 million euros has already been won – which is immense for betting slips with a stake of at most 2 €.

This is how the new jackpot sports bets work

Jackpot at  Mr Green I refer this time mainly to football in the betting, because I have much less reference to American basketball. You can see different jackpot bets for slots. For the third week of November (November 12-18), 3 basketball bets were worth € 25,000 and a football league bet for the Nations League at the end of the week. There you can win a jackpot of 1 million euros.

While you tap the lead in the basketball that the respective team has to win, you type in the football on the exact result. These are fixed 6 games from the Nations League you have to bet on. The following matches are part of the bet: